DESISTANCE - Press Release, Sept 1998

Rosenberg + Kaufman Fine Art, 115 Wooster Street, NY is very pleased to present Desistance by noted New York artist Marthe Keller, running from October 13 through November 14, 1998.

ˇ°These paintings feel like they are being painted as you look!ˇ± said an astute viewer responding to Martha Keller's current exhibition at

Rosenberg + Kaufman Fine Art which is pleased to present Desistance, a solo exhibition of new paintings by this noted New York artist., running from October 13 through Saturday, November 14,1998.

ˇ°Desistance describes my (un)painting strategy as an on-going interupted transmission...a playful double-bind.ˇ± Keller takes her titles just as she does her paint strokes, drips, smears, gaps and imprints as Duchampian found objects. Their humor is underscored by titles such as ˇ°slitting and clickingˇ± and ˇ°rudd, yellan, gruebleen orangemanˇ±.

These new paintings dislodge themselves from any possible fixed stance. Opticality and image-making are out, yet they conjure up spliced and layered space alive with fluctuating color and light. The seven large paintings in this show encompass a range of color temperatures from hot tropical electric oranges and lurid greens to the coolest metallic grays and sexy pinks. This installation purposely underscores Keller's interest in pairing colored and B/W works, negating any singular importance for color over structure (or de-structure).

There is a catalogue accompanying the exhibition with an important essay by art historian and theorist Stephen Melville. He examines Keller's work as expressive of the deeply divided nature of contemporary American painting.

In a circular design that mimics the doubling back of Keller's painting, Melville looks at a parallel European tradition of collage to posit a future for painting in the spatial and temporal divisions of Keller's work.

Martha Keller has been exhibiting her work in the US and Europe since the mid-1970's. Consistently well reviewed and highly regarded, her paintings have been most recently exhibited in...

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