ANTI-WORKING NOTES - Marthe Keller, 2005
DESIST - desiStance, uproot the stance.

MISS-MASTER the Great Artwork with pratfalls and hiccups!

MACHINES repeat Strokes - - NOT stripes!

THE STROKE is liquid - the stripe is hard-edged, anti-body language.

OPENING SPACES - first words, beating, breathing,

VERTICAL Slits. Spaces open themselves. Their desire.

DUMB reproduction - One painting wetly kisses another and leaves its trace.

FOUND - Leftover imprints on everything - Blots on canvas, vinyl, linen, acetate, netting.

LOOSE - Hung, taped, sewed, grommeted, tied, assembled.

SNEAK PEEK - Shocking look between the layers to displace traditional painted space.

SIDE BY SIDE - The stretched pictorial plays beside the un-stretched strata.

CHANCE - Rely on accident and surprise within the game.

TITLES add another color as Duchamp said.

Joyce's FINNEGAN'S WAKE is musical, sexy and endless - perfect qualities for painting.

Mine The WAKE for painting titles as if throwing the I Ching.

The Wake can't be read in a normal way - it is DESISTANT!